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Guesthouse adultery

Don’t tell anyone but yesterday we went to see another property in Cornwall. I actually feel a bit guilty for looking further afield, and if this blog had a voice it would definitely be a whisper.

We were recovering from being turned down by yet more lenders, were in the South West (Bristol to be exact), and attempting to be a bit ‘onwards and upwards’ about the whole affair, consequently in a fit of spontaneity we decided to hot foot it down to Truro to see a property that had been on and off our radars for the last month or so.

Don’t think that it didn’t occur to us, as we got on the 4 hour train journey to Truro, that it would have been much more helpful to fall in love with a B&B in the Cotswolds; with or without a car (and we are without) Cornwall is not an easy to place to drop in on.

While we’ve explored all the really interesting options that people are flagging up for us we’re not getting very far. Ultimately this guesthouse venture is just for us, so private investors, the EU, the government are just not really interested in helping the two of us relocate and keep a guesthouse open. We’re not going to make £millions, and we’re not going to employ half the Cornish community in our bid for world domination, consequently our options are limited.

The message we got was loud and clear ‘Porthminster View needs to make more money than you’re projecting, or you need to find a cheaper property’. Not happy about inflating figures until it looks like we’re about to open the St Ives Hilton, we opted for the latter and found ourselves in Truro yesterday afternoon.

Seeing a lovely B&B and meeting the very friendly and hospitable owners did little to dissuade us that Porthminster View is the place for us. We dabbled in the excitement of an affair which, in the current circumstances, seemed exciting, full of possibilities and very tempting; however in the cold light of day we came to realise that our first love was the best, the longest lasting, and more fit for purpose than anything we’ve seen so far.

It was simultaneously both a disappointing and uplifting afternoon. Disappointing because we’d built up Truro in our minds to be a real possibility (damn those wide-angled camera lenses), and uplifting because it quashed any doubts we had about Porthminster View, and made us even more determined to do everything we possibly can to get the money. Plan C is forming, and at the moment – as with all plans at the beginning – it seems promising.

Having sat through the first round of auditions for X-Factor on Saturday night I’m well aware that telling the four judges (in our case it’s the banking equivalent of Simon, Cheryl, Louis and Dannii) about Porthminster View being ‘our dream’, and saying things like ‘we’ve never wanted anything more’ is just not going to cut it if we’re hitting a load of bum notes. For that reason alone we are sneakily looking around Cornwall for the next ‘perfect opportunity’… but we haven’t given up on Porthminster View, not yet. It still is (and always will be) our first love. A bit of playing ‘hard to get’ never put off Casanova and it sure as hell isn’t putting off us.

Lee Rotbart says:

Exactly. I could NOT agree with you more. A revolution it is… because that’s precisely what will happen to this building, with its already existing planning permission. The only thing working in our favour at the moment is that the current owners really want to keep it as a guesthouse… and not turn it into flats that, to be honest, even the flashest of people would struggle to afford!

John says:

It makes me sick that banks cannot find any cash anywhere in their huge reserves to support what will be the bedrock of the UK tourism market in a few years (when it’s too expensive to fly anywhere for your average Joe).

I think it’s time for a revolution Lee. It’s been a while coming and I for one will take up arms and tear this government and their Eton cronies currently running the banks to the ground. How very dare they.

What is the other solution? allow the building to be sold and developed into yet more flats that people cannot afford unless you work for some flash agency in London đŸ˜‰