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When in doubt, freak out

Of all the things I have been blessed with in life, a stiff-upper-lip is not one of them. For years, as a tantrum throwing child who morphed into a tantrum throwing teenager, and then a tantrum throwing adult, my instinct has been to freak out. Keeping calm and…

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Fighting fire with fire

I’ve often heard people ranting about health and safety, happily joining in the eyeball rolling when anyone mentions the ridiculousness of most of what is […]

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I’m in the choir

This evening I found myself in a community hall, at the back of the St Ives Backpackers hostel, listening in rapt admiration to a group of people sing Bohemian Rhapsody, Windmills of My Mind and Angels. I walked in smiling and I left smiling 3/4 of an hour later. Smiling at the choir, smiling at myself…

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Dealing with reality (or not)

Recently my (mental) health has been infinitely enhanced by the fact that Danny has ‘allowed’ me to bring in a painter and decorator. Knowing that the house is slowly improving without any need for me to actually climb up a ladder with a paint brush and cloth is a huge relief…

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Starting from zero

Two weeks ago I stared blankly at the Google homepage, the white box challenging me to type in the one phrase that would lead me directly to the people I needed to speak to. I slowly typed in ‘sign makers’ and as Google was frantically predicting what I might write next I added as an afterthought ‘Cornwall’.

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