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Getting into our groove

The first month is behind us. Little Leaf Guest House has officially been open 4 weeks. Cue fanfares and trumpet noises. Notably in the last month we have:

a) not poisoned a guest

b) had 20 lovely reviews on Trip Advisor (and don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind to send all reviewers a thank you note)

c) been awarded 4 stars by the AA hotel inspector (a hair-raising morning)

d) cooked breakfast for 17 people over two sittings

e) met lots of wonderful people

f) generated an incredibly efficient routine for cleaning bathrooms (or Danny has – I still don’t do bathrooms)

It’s quite amazing that this time a year ago both Danny and I were happily ensconsed in the heart of London going about our lives with not even the breadcrumb of an idea about opening a guest house.

On a personal note our achievements over the last month have included making friends, getting involved in the Chamber of Commerce, walking the coastal path from St Ives to Zennor and learning how to live a life where there is not much (external to the business) to stress you out.

You may laugh… “What do you mean – learn how to live without stress? Surely that comes naturally?’… but you’d be surprised. Danny and I have finished some days at 2pm and been on top of all the shopping, banking and marketing and our discontent is palpable. ‘What now?’, we’ve thought, ‘What next?’.

No matter that we’ve been up since 6am, haven’t had a lunch break and just pushed on through with the work, it just feels like we’ve been playing truant, like we don’t have real jobs because we’re not running around like headless chickens worrying about whether the tube will break down, thus ensuring we don’t make our next dinner / meeting / friend date. We’re not ‘properly working’ because it hasn’t taken us 90 minutes to get to work and we’re not dealing with a crisis.

Funny though it may seem we have taken a while to get into our groove. To feel like we’re running a business, not just a guest house – the two being remarkably different things (in our heads anyway).

However, this past week has been different. Our Little Leaf ‘Charter’ has been written and we are ramping up to the Summer. Guests are liking what we are doing and we’ve even had a few people book with us because we’ve been recommended – not bad considering we’ve not had that many people stay. The phone is ringing and there’s even been some last minute ‘walk-in’ bookings which keep us on our toes.

In short, we’re finally enjoying ourselves. The panic is over, the fear that we may be bored is over, we’ve been out with friends (new friends) and we’re getting involved and excited about living in St Ives and the business ahead of us.

Once our (less than healthy) obsession with Trip Advisor leaves us we should be bang on track.

Ted says:

Lee- We think you and Danny have done so well. Other people talk about it but you actually have done it. You sound as though you are in total control- planning helps a lot I think. Annette and I wish you both good luck and good bookings. I would endorse you policy of not poisoning guests- this probably helps repeat bookings. Love Annette and Ted.

Michael Turrall says:

Fantastic job Lee, really glad that you are settled in and enjoying it. I will have to get my ars* in gear I guess and look at booking a time to get down to see you.

Speak soon,


I like you very much, and I like de hotel very much. I would like to come and stay for 3 months with my 4 wives, we make a lotta love and we like to sing cover songs from da renaissance period. Can you booka me in please? I also like to bring my animales i have two owls and one sparrow hawk. Grazi Baron A De’Marrese

michelle says:

Aw lovely post. I’m so happy its working out so well for you both and the guesthouse. You definately deserve it xxxxx

Linda & Mike Goodair says:

Well done, we are so pleased for you both. You desrve success as you have both worked hard.

Jen and Jamie says:


Keep the blogs coming we love them and eagerly await your next one!

From your ‘new friends’ up the road!!


Annmarie O'Connor says:

I love the post and I love the cartoon. You’ve given me a great Monday morning smile. Well done to you both. Enjoy!