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Living on leftovers

The other day, after breakfast, Danny compiled a plate of the following things (1) baked beans from the saucepan (2) a smashed poached egg (cooked) (3) an unwanted mushroom (4) half a grilled tomato (a guest had only wanted one half) (5) a small sausage which was deemed unworthy to go on someone’s plate and (6) some crispy bacon, left too long in the oven. He looked down at this plate satisfied with his forthcoming breakfast.

Our bathroom is fully of nearly empty toilet rolls piled on top of each other. Taken away from guest rooms on change-over day they have been squirrelled away into our bathroom where we will make use of them. It seems ridiculous to say, but I long for a day when I can start a fresh toilet roll.

Nearly every dinner we make (luckily it’s summer so at least salad is a welcome and realistic option) has either sausage, bacon or mushroom in it. We are getting quite creative with sausage and baked bean casseroles (add paprika and chorizo for a smoky effect), and bacon and pea risotto – not forgetting the mushrooms which are finding their way into everything. Out of date bread and milk that we wouldn’t ever serve to guests is generously poured over our cereal and used for our sandwiches.**

Sausages are removed from the guest side of the fridge to our side if they are a) too small b) ridiculously big c) a funny shape… we are like our own mini EU regulation committee. Mushrooms which start to look shrivelled work their way into all our dinners, and bacon is just bacon… there to be used if we are missing a bit of meat from our dinner.

Leftovers are great on Mondays when we offer smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (yummy smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches), they’re not even bad on waffle day when we can use up surplus waffle batter and munch on waffles before starting cleaning; yet, as we fast approach our fifth month of being open, I’m beginning to crave chicken and (strangely enough) broccoli.

I can almost here you say “Just go out and get some then…” but, bizarrely enough, it’s easier said than done. When one is shopping for breakfast all the time, and there is potentially so much wasted food it seems almost criminal to pop out and get something different just because I “fancy” a bit of variety… with very yummy, locally produced sausages sitting in the fridge saying ‘eat me, eat me’ why bother chasing the distant cluck of the chicken.

Cartoon about leftovers

And this ‘leftover’ theme is not just limited to food we buy. Guests leave us half empty bottles of wine to ‘finish off’ and the odd packet of biscuits. Half open, half finished things find their way into our cupboard and our kitchen and we don’t mind at all.

Maybe in October we’ll have chicken and something… or maybe if anyone comes for dinner we’ll think a bit more ‘out the box’. Meanwhile, in the height of the season when all we can do is just about remember to eat… it’ll be sausage casserole mark 54 for us and by jove we’ll enjoy it. After all, as Danny would say, what non-vegetarian could EVER get bored of sausages?! (sigh).

**Past guests or potential guests reading this – DO NOT FEAR – we do not SERVE leftovers, just eat them.

Kate says:

Loved your blog, and have felt your pain having been in hospitality in the dim, distant past. We’re coming to stay with you next week and I’m gonna bring you a fab recipe for Spicy Sausage Pasta !

Can’t wait to come to St Ives again…


Ann Meyrick says:

Hi Lee

Don`t worry – we`ll take you and Danny out to dinner when we come down in October. It seems that you will need a decent, normal meal by then. Looking forward to seeing you both.
Ann and Andy

Annmarie says:

Love it!

Tim Reader says:

Brilliant! You are to be praised, not only for you super-human efforts in running the place (I’m, like, in awe), but also for your make-do-and-mend philosophy on leftovers. As much as I *adore* bacon and sausages, I fear I wouldn’t last as long as you have before cracking and heading down the shops for some chicken and brocolli – nor would my recipe ideas be so creative!
Your blog posts continue to make me excited about our visit in September 🙂 xx