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Back here again

Not ones to learn from past pains, we have taken it upon ourselves to renovate Room 5 which, while it was the best room in the house when we moved in, has fallen victim to the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ method and as the other rooms have got better and better it has ended up looking a bit tired.

You’d think, after all the agony (Too strong? I don’t think so!) of the renovations in February and March this year, I’d be used to it; unfortunately that’s not the case. I can’t help but squirm when walking up the stairs to see the dust gathering on every possible surface and this time it seems harder to watch as we are not working in a building site – we are working in our home. This means that the carpet on the floor is not going to be replaced and the walls are not a free for all as lengths of wood, chipboard and plasterboard get carted up the stairs.

The two guests checking in tomorrow are a godsend really. It means that nothing can get too crazy messy, that half way through renovations we are going to have to stop and clean, hoover every bit of carpet, clean floors and surfaces and all in all make the place look like a guest house again (provided you don’t go up to the top floor).

I have learnt my lesson though, instead of doing what I did last time which was basically the odd bit of DIY, a LOT of moaning and the occasaional tantrum, I have taken it upon myself to be general administrator of the business and cook for the week. This means that unless I’m asked to do something I will not do it, I will not offer, I will not get involved (to be fair, even if asked I am unlikely to partake in heavy lifting and anything that involves touching insulation). An army marches on its stomach and, as far as I’m concerned, it’s my job to ensure that their stomachs are full (and emails are answered).

While I don’t enjoy the process of building work (who does – really!?) my role this time round has enabled me to step back from it all and just focus on doing what I’m good at – making cups of tea, sandwiches and dinner free from any pointless guilt about not pulling my weight! On the plus side I am getting the opportunity to try out new recipes on two people that, after a manic day, don’t care that much about what they’re eating. Not being the South West’s answer to Gordon Ramsay this does make for my perfect audience – MasterChef it ain’t!

Cartoon about cooking

In 3 weeks time today will be the day before our wedding. It doesn’t seem that far away at all, however between now and then we have an entire room to finish (it’s currently looking like a pile of rubble), a house to clean, guests to look after (including a full house of our friends over New Years Eve), a house to clean (again), setting up the business in preparation for our 2 months away, pack for our wedding week and honeymoon and get in the car and drive to London to (hopefully) arrive a few days before the big day.

I suppose it’s good to know that we haven’t lost our touch, that living in St Ives for 9 months hasn’t slowed us down at all and we are keeping up the pace we set ourselves about 18 months ago (somewhere between 100 and 180 mph). I’d like to suggest that maybe next year will be different but knowing about some of the things coming up I’m pretty sure that’s not the case.

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone – see you on the other side.

cheryl and martin says:

You have given us both lots of laughs and enjoyment reading your blogs along the journey to Little Leaf and since. We wish you and Danny continued success and a wonderful marriage and honeymoon to come. Just keep those blogs coming and only wish that St Ives was flat!!! Happy Days, lots of love, Little Nook xxxx

Sid says:

We’re wishing you a very merry christmas and a happy new year – and most of all: a wonderful wedding!

Best Wishes from Germany

Sid & Ayuma

Neil and Sheila Gribbin says:

We hope you have a great time at Christmas and enjoy New Year with family and friends. We will think of you on Christmas Day when we enjoy our St Ives Christmas Pud! We wish you every happiness for your wedding and honeymoon and look forward to staying with you again in 2012.

John Allan says:

From here in Australia we send across the miles wishes and lots of happiness for both your wedding and honeymoon, then as well for the festive season. As we read your blog feel like we are there sharing the experience and the stress. We are off to the Sunshine coast in Queensland for 10 days with friends & family, but our thoughts will stray to you both as you celebrate a new beginning together. Good Luck, many drinks and Laughter, see you before you know it. John and Dawn