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The elusive ‘cool’

I’m not cool, I never have been cool and at this stage in my life I should probably accept that I never will be cool. I can do funny, absolutely. I can do dancing queen. I can do loudest person in the room but ‘cool’ is something that other people are and I’m very often 1, if not 2 and 3 steps behind them.

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Are we funky?

Not two people to hang around it doesn’t take us long to get obsessed about one thing or another. If it’s not sorting out our food safety practices it’s ensuring that we’ve done all our smoke alarm tests. So… it’s no surprise to me that we are now obsessed with awards.

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Getting into our groove

The first month is behind us. Little Leaf Guest House has officially been open 4 weeks. Cue fanfares and trumpet noises. We’re finally enjoying ourselves. The panic is over and we’re excited about living in St Ives and the business ahead of us.

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No cleaners needed here

It amazes me that I like cleaning; not in a ‘Oh, this isn’t too bad’ kind of way; but a real ‘This is great’ way. […]

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Breakfast of champions

My favourite hours of the day are between 7 and 10 in the morning. Gone is the 1 hour commute to work, gone is the rush to the gym in the morning, gone is the queuing at Pret for my black coffee.

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My daddy, the chambermaid

The past 3 weeks have been ridiculous. Since Danny arrived in St Ives we haven’t stopped BUT we have not been without help and even […]

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Trawling for wood

It’s 11am on April Fools Day, I’ve just carried a jet stream water thingy up a massive hill, there’s a fire alarm guy in our […]

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When in doubt, freak out

Of all the things I have been blessed with in life, a stiff-upper-lip is not one of them. For years, as a tantrum throwing child who morphed into a tantrum throwing teenager, and then a tantrum throwing adult, my instinct has been to freak out. Keeping calm and…

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Fighting fire with fire

I’ve often heard people ranting about health and safety, happily joining in the eyeball rolling when anyone mentions the ridiculousness of most of what is […]

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I’m in the choir

This evening I found myself in a community hall, at the back of the St Ives Backpackers hostel, listening in rapt admiration to a group of people sing Bohemian Rhapsody, Windmills of My Mind and Angels. I walked in smiling and I left smiling 3/4 of an hour later. Smiling at the choir, smiling at myself…

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