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Dealing with reality (or not)

Recently my (mental) health has been infinitely enhanced by the fact that Danny has ‘allowed’ me to bring in a painter and decorator. Knowing that the house is slowly improving without any need for me to actually climb up a ladder with a paint brush and cloth is a huge relief…

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Starting from zero

Two weeks ago I stared blankly at the Google homepage, the white box challenging me to type in the one phrase that would lead me directly to the people I needed to speak to. I slowly typed in ‘sign makers’ and as Google was frantically predicting what I might write next I added as an afterthought ‘Cornwall’.

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Waving the white flag

We had absolutely no problem picking out curtain material, with carpets and paint colours chosen in a matter of minutes – yet hours of time have been expended on debates about the size and weight of duvet covers and what to buy first – a coffee grinder, an easel or a printer…

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Every time I look out of our window, or step out of the front door I am rewarded with breathtaking views that remind me why we chose to move down here in the first place, but DIY is not my natural state…

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It’s not all bad

Yesterday I had a creative brainstorm at work, it was for a client who is open to doing something quite exciting. I was in a […]

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Little Leaf vs. the retail giants

A few years ago I was getting chucked out of pubs, this weekend we were ushered out of Carpet Right. I used to run to […]

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A community online

A few weeks ago the Little Leaf Guest House blog received the Honest Scrap Award from Louisa Blackmore of West Egg. I was both chuffed […]

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The sleeper train and other stories

Fresh from our engagement, with a shiny ring on the third finger of my left hand (remember the ‘thumb’ doesn’t count), Danny and I boarded […]

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WANTED: One family

I am extremely excited about moving to St Ives. Irrespective of all there is to do it’s getting to the point where I can hardly […]

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I think you need to speak to Danny

The funny thing about blogging is that you have to be pretty honest. There’s nothing interesting in talking about oneself in the third person (see […]

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