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Getting the mortgage

Back, and in at the deep end

You’d think that no time had passed at all. Back from a fabulous holiday I was secretly hoping that all would be sorted, that I […]

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Tiptoeing into uncharted waters

This morning there was another tube strike and I walked 4 miles into work. During this walk I composed a ranty letter in my head […]

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The fat lady is warming up

They say it ain’t over till the fat lady sings… well, she may not be singing, but I can definitely hear her warming up. Yesterday […]

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The Waiting Game

I have no idea why they call it the waiting game. There may be waiting involved, but it’s not a game. It’s not fun, competitive, […]

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Planning to run a business?

Apparently a business plan consists of more than forecast figures we’ve plucked out our bottoms, and some high level grand ideas about organising guided walks […]

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Losing momentum

My usually optimistic, enthusiastic, nature is taking a battering. There are only so many ups and downs one person can go through before losing the […]

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The mortgage maze

I feel like a double glazing salesman, phoning around trying to get someone to bite using the same script that has been rejected by hundreds […]

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Notes to a lender

Dear Mr/Ms Mortgage Lender, I hope you’re well and are having a good start to the week. I realise that you don’t know me and […]

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Plan A: The revival

This blog is dedicated to our mortgage broker who, in my excitement and impatience, received a text from me at 9.30 last night. He is […]

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And it was all going so well…

I just found out that we’ve been turned down for the mortgage we were trying to get. This is not the worst thing that could […]

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